How much is my case worth?

Many variables contribute to the value of your case. The seriousness of the injuries, and whether they are permanent, is the first step. The following are the categories of legally recoverable damages in personal injury cases in Louisiana:

  1. Past medical expenses;
  2. Future medical expenses (as estimated by Doctors);
  3. Loss of wages (or business profits) in the past;
  4. Loss of wages (or business profits) estimated into the future, or Loss of Earning Capacity;
  5. Vehicle repairs, loss of any other property, rental car expense, loss of use of a vehicle, and diminished value of a vehicle – even after it’s repaired (wrecked cars are worth less on resale);
  6. Past and Future physical pain and suffering;
  7. Past and Future mental anguish, fear, anxiety, worry and suffering;
  8. Permanent disability;
  9. Permanent disfigurement;
  10. Loss of Life Enjoyment; and
  11. Loss of Consortium, if the injuries are so serious that they would reasonably be expected to affect a spouse and children.

One of the biggest contributions we offer is experience. We have probably turned down inadequate offers, and litigated cases against the same insurance companies who are responsible for paying for your damages - And Won! Andre Toce has vast experience and expertise in personal injury law, spanning decades of practice, which enables him to evaluate all variables to give you a reasonable assessment. Contact us for a Free Consultation.


How will I get medical care if I don’t have insurance?

The Toce Law Firm has resources to assist you in obtaining medical care while your case is being negotiated or litigated without much or any up-front out-of-pocket cost to you. With the positive outcome of your case, these expenses are resolved at settlement or judgment of your claim.


Is my car insurance going up because of an accident?

Insurance companies cannot legally raise your rates because you make a claim for damages from an accident that was not your fault. Contact The Toce Firm for a Free Consultation.


How do I find out how much insurance the other party or vehicle in my accident carries?

The amount of insurance available can affect your options for medical treatment and general recovery. Adjusters and insurance companies almost never voluntarily release this information. Having an experienced attorney and staff working on your behalf can cut through red tape and obtain this important information. We can get this invaluable information for you.


Why should I hire an attorney instead of handling it myself?

There are a number of reasons to hire an attorney. The Toce Firm will investigate and exhaust all resources for your recovery, including at-fault party coverage, the at-fault driver’s employer, if applicable, and all other insurance policies available to you. We will assist you in getting the best quality healthcare available for your injuries. The quality and amount of medical treatment will multiply the value of your case. We will fight for you to obtain wages lost because of your accident. We will help you find the best route for the repair or replacement of your vehicle. People who handle their cases alone generally end up settling too soon, not getting the proper medical care. They most often get far less than they deserve. Hiring us to take care of your case for you reduces your stress, and will most likely increase your recovery. Having experienced professionals on your side is highly recommended. The other side will have them!


How long is this going to take?

There are many factors that determine how long your case will take. The nature of your injuries, amount of insurance available, and the willingness of the insurance company to negotiate, all affect the timeline of resolution. There are also guidelines to protect your rights, and time limitations for court proceedings, that The Toce Firm is ready to enforce for you. Contact us today to discuss your options.



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